abstract class CPGameObject(id: String, tags: Set[String])

Root type for CosPlay classes.

Game object has ID and organizational tags that can be used to organize game objects. See CPSceneObjectContext.getObjectsForTags method for getting scene objects based on their tags.



Unique ID of this game object. By default, a random 6-character ID will be used.


Optional set of organizational or grouping tags. By default, the empty set is used.

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class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
Known subtypes
class CPFont
object CPSystemFont.type
class CPImage
object CPAardvarkImage.type
object CPAlienImage.type
object CPAlienPlanetImage.type
object CPAmigaImage.type
object CPArrowImage.type
object CPAstronaut1Image.type
object CPAstronaut2Image.type
object CPAtari2080STImage.type
object CPBananaImage.type
object CPBatImage.type
object CPBearImage.type
object CPBedImage.type
object CPBeetleImage.type
object CPBrickNImage.type
object CPBrickWImage.type
object CPCactusImage.type
object CPCalculatorImage.type
object CPCapsuleImage.type
object CPCarImage.type
object CPCastleImage.type
object CPCloudImage.type
object CPCrownImage.type
object CPCubesImage.type
object CPDogImage.type
object CPDolphinImage.type
object CPFlamingoImage.type
object CPGameBoyImage.type
object CPGingerbreadImage.type
object CPGlobeImage.type
object CPGrimReaperImage.type
object CPHelicopterImage.type
object CPIceCreamImage.type
object CPKnifeImage.type
object CPLanderImage.type
object CPMoon1Image.type
object CPMoon2Image.type
object CPMotorcycleImage.type
object CPMouseImage.type
object CPOceanLinerImage.type
object CPPlaneImage.type
object CPRocket1Image.type
object CPRocket2Image.type
object CPSatellite1Image.type
object CPSatellite2Image.type
object CPSatellite3Image.type
object CPSaturnImage.type
object CPShieldImage.type
object CPSkullImage.type
object CPSpaceShipImage.type
object CPSunGlassesImage.type
object CPSwordImage.type
object CPTelescopeImage.type
object CPTntImage.type
object CPTornadoImage.type
object CPTruckImage.type
object CPUmbrellaImage.type
object CPBikingAniImage.type
object CPBirdAniImage.type
object CPCubeAniImage.type
object CPCurveAniImage.type
object CPDancerAniImage.type
object CPHandAniImage.type
object CPPointManAniImage.type
object CPRunnerAniImage.type
object CPCircle1aImage.type
object CPCircle1bImage.type
object CPCircle1cImage.type
object CPCircle2aImage.type
object CPCircle2bImage.type
object CPCircle3Image.type
object CPCircle4Image.type
object CPCircle5Image.type
object CPCircle6Image.type
object CPCircle9Image.type
class CPScene
class CPSound
class CPVideo
object CPMoonVideo.type

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Concrete methods

override def equals(obj: Any): Boolean

Compares the receiver object (this) with the argument object (that) for equivalence.

Compares the receiver object (this) with the argument object (that) for equivalence.

Any implementation of this method should be an equivalence relation:

  • It is reflexive: for any instance x of type Any, x.equals(x) should return true.
  • It is symmetric: for any instances x and y of type Any, x.equals(y) should return true if and only if y.equals(x) returns true.
  • It is transitive: for any instances x, y, and z of type Any if x.equals(y) returns true and y.equals(z) returns true, then x.equals(z) should return true.

If you override this method, you should verify that your implementation remains an equivalence relation. Additionally, when overriding this method it is usually necessary to override hashCode to ensure that objects which are "equal" (o1.equals(o2) returns true) hash to the same scala.Int. (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)).



the object to compare against this object for equality.


true if the receiver object is equivalent to the argument; false otherwise.

Definition Classes
def getId: String

Gets unique ID of this game object.

Gets unique ID of this game object.


def getTags: Set[String]

Gets optional set of organizational tags. Note that by default the set of tags is empty.

Gets optional set of organizational tags. Note that by default the set of tags is empty.


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