trait CPAsset

Mark up type indicating that the object is an asset.

Assets like images, sounds, fonts, animations or videos are not managed or governed by the CosPlay game engine unlike scenes and scene objects that are managed and governed by the game engine. Assets are typically created outside the game loop and managed by the developer, they can be freely shared between scenes or scene objects as any other standard Scala objects.

Here's current list of assets:


class Object
trait Matchable
class Any
Known subtypes
class CPAnimation
class CPFont
class CPFIGLetFont
object CPSystemFont.type
class CPImage
class CPArrayImage
object CPBikingAniImage.type
object CPBirdAniImage.type
object CPCubeAniImage.type
object CPCurveAniImage.type
object CPDancerAniImage.type
object CPHandAniImage.type
object CPLogoCatAniImage.type
object CPMacarena1AniImage.type
object CPMacarena2AniImage.type
object CPMacarena3AniImage.type
object CPMacarena4AniImage.type
object CPMacarena5AniImage.type
object CPPointManAniImage.type
object CPRunnerAniImage.type
object CPSomersaultAniImage.type
object CPCircle1aImage.type
object CPCircle1bImage.type
object CPCircle1cImage.type
object CPCircle2aImage.type
object CPCircle2bImage.type
object CPCircle3Image.type
object CPCircle4Image.type
object CPCircle5Image.type
object CPCircle6Image.type
object CPCircle9Image.type
object CPAardvarkImage.type
object CPAlienImage.type
object CPAlienPlanetImage.type
object CPAmigaImage.type
object CPArrowImage.type
object CPAstronaut1Image.type
object CPAstronaut2Image.type
object CPAtari2080STImage.type
object CPBananaImage.type
object CPBatImage.type
object CPBearImage.type
object CPBedImage.type
object CPBeetleImage.type
object CPBrickNImage.type
object CPBrickWImage.type
object CPCactusImage.type
object CPCalculatorImage.type
object CPCapsuleImage.type
object CPCarImage.type
object CPCastleImage.type
object CPCloudImage.type
object CPCrownImage.type
object CPCubesImage.type
object CPDogImage.type
object CPDolphinImage.type
object CPFlamingoImage.type
object CPGameBoyImage.type
object CPGingerbreadImage.type
object CPGlobeImage.type
object CPGrimReaperImage.type
object CPHelicopterImage.type
object CPIceCreamImage.type
object CPKnifeImage.type
object CPLanderImage.type
object CPMoon1Image.type
object CPMoon2Image.type
object CPMotorcycleImage.type
object CPMouseImage.type
object CPOceanLinerImage.type
object CPPlaneImage.type
object CPRocket1Image.type
object CPRocket2Image.type
object CPSatellite1Image.type
object CPSatellite2Image.type
object CPSatellite3Image.type
object CPSaturnImage.type
object CPShieldImage.type
object CPSkullImage.type
object CPSpaceShipImage.type
object CPSunGlassesImage.type
object CPSwordImage.type
object CPTelescopeImage.type
object CPTntImage.type
object CPTornadoImage.type
object CPTruckImage.type
object CPUmbrellaImage.type
trait CPShader
class CPBeatShader
class CPSound
class CPVideo
object CPMoonVideo.type
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Abstract methods

def getOrigin: String

Gets the origin of this asset. Typically, this should be a URL, file name or class name for in-code assets like array images, animations or system font.

Gets the origin of this asset. Typically, this should be a URL, file name or class name for in-code assets like array images, animations or system font.