What Is CosPlay

CosPlay is a free open-source game engine for 2D ASCII-based games written in Scala 3.

It is the first-ever dedicated game engine that allows to build games that play natively in any ANSI terminal. Easy to learn & simple to use with plenty of ASCII-centric features for the modern gamedev.


Underground avant-garde... sub-culture - one of many ways to describe the incredibly unique and intriguingly nostalgic ASCII-art.

In today's world of modern high-fidelity graphics, the ASCII games built with CosPlay provide a native retro-gaming aesthetics combined with ultra-modern gamedev capabilities.

Quick Install

Key Features

Write Once - Run Anywhere

CosPlay games are written in Scala and run on JVM - the largest cross-platform runtime ecosystem. Once compiled - the games run natively on any ANSI terminal on dozens of OS and practically any modern hardware.

ASCII-Art Features

In-code & REXPaint images, 8/24-bit color support, natively running in any ANSI terminal, built-in ASCII antialiasing and curve smoothing, 277 built-in fonts and many other capabilities.

Easy To Learn & Simple To Use

Small and well documented APIs in one package with plenty of examples and demos. Game-as-a-code, built-in terminal emulator and log viewer deliver simple gamedev.

Free & Open Source

CosPlay engine is free, open source and royalty free. It is licensed under Apache 2.0 License. Watch, learn and join the project on the GitHub.

Modern GameDev

Along with retro-gaming aesthetics, enjoy sprite animations, particle effects, audio and ASCII-video support, camera tracking, programmable shaders, FIGLet fonts and more.

Just a text editor and 100% Scala 3 - is all you need. Scala natively supports the world's largest ecosystem of development tools, libraries, frameworks and services.